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"Travel Blog: Cruising Alaska's Inside Passage"
Author:  planetpurl
Glaciers, the Tongass National Rainforest, gold rush towns and yarn, my friend, yarn!
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Cruising Alaska's Inside Passge [Back to Blog]
If you've ever been to Florida in August or September, you can guess why I decided to take Mr. Purlqueen to Alaska for annual anniversary trip.  In the 20 years we've been together, he never wanted to take a cruise because he thought he'd get seasick.  So I chose an Alaskan cruise through the Canadian and Alaskan inside passage.  I figured that we'd have the best chance of a smooth sailing by spending as little time possible on the open sea.  Best laid plans...but more about that later. 

The scenery along the inside passage is spectacular, with thousands of islands of granite and greenery on both sides.  As you get closer to Glacier Bay, the water is dotted with huge chunks of glacial ice floating past, giving you an up-close view of the fantastic colors created by the oxygen being compressed out of the water during the formation of the glaciers.  The cruise stops in 4 towns, 3 of which just happen to have yarn shops.  So in addition to hiking, kayaking, whale watching and backcountry adventures, we managed just a bit of yarn shopping as well.  So come join us on our Alaskan cruise and some armchair yarn shopping.
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WheatFran | 05/14/2010
Thank you so much for posting your Alaskan Yarn Shopping experiences and shop locations. I will be visiting these same locations in early June on a family cruise. We've been on many cruises but always to tropical destinations (no yarn shops)... I can't wait for this opportunity since the yarns I buy from different places carry memories of those travels every time I pet it, knit with it or use the finished knitted item. The only downfall is I will have to share my gambling $$ with the yarn shops :)
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