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"Travel Blog: Boston"
Author:  planetpurl
Planet Purl heads to Boston for a little American history and a lot of yarn shopping.
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Island Yarn [Back to Blog]

Boston encompasses a spread out area and we had been tipped off beforehand to check out at least one of the many suburban LYS’s.  So, on our way into town we stopped at Island Yarn Company in Waltham.  It’s an un-assuming shop, tucked away in the Colonial Shopping Center, but they pack a lot of fiber, including a line of sock yarns hand-dyed in the store.  A couple of skeins and you could have your own soft pair of authentic “Boston Red Socks.”  (Sorry, but opportunities for knitting puns are so rare we couldn’t resist). 


They carry other hand-dyed yarns by Madeline Tosh and J. Knits, along with lines by Elsebeth Lavold, Lana Grossa, Araucania, Di Ve, Reynolds, On Line, Laines du Nord, Jojoland, Patons, Patagonia natural cotton, and a really big selection of buttons.


Island Yarn Company also offers some fun extras like Pattern-of-the-Month Kits-- during our visit they sold the “Everything But the Kitchen Sink Blanket”, which looked very cute and very warm.  They also have a de-stashing service, in return for cash or store credit.  The owners started the service because their customers were running out of room for new yarn.  We sympathize, and figure that if you don’t have a family member you can kick out of their room for a yarn closet renovation, then the service might be a good alternative.


Island Yarn Company

85 River St # 9

Waltham, MA 02453

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