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"Travel Blog: Boston"
Author:  planetpurl
Planet Purl heads to Boston for a little American history and a lot of yarn shopping.
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Windsor Button [Back to Blog]

Our last stop, Windsor Button, really should consider changing their name to “Windsor Button, Lots of Yarn, Beads, and Most of the Other Crafts Your Interested In”, even though it would be difficult to fit on a business card.  We went in prepared to see a few skeins stacked here and there with knitting taking a big backseat to buttons (they are in the name after all).  Were we ever wrong.  They had the largest yarn stock we found in Boston.


Windsor Button carries Berrocco, Crystal Palace, Sublime, Debbie Bliss, Plymouth, Claudia Hand-Painted, Cascade, Lamb’s Pride, Ella Rae, Art Yarns, Dream IN Color, Noro, Malabrigo, Elsebeth Lavold, Blue Sky Alpacas, Nashua, Manos del Uruguay, Patagonia, Steadfast Fibers (a pretty mohair we had never seen before) and they were the only shop where we found Rowan-- earning them instant Brownie points. 


They also carry a wide selection of needles from Brittany, Clover, and Susan Bates.  The eponymous buttons do not disappoint: playful, sophisticated, vintage, bulk; there’s a wide enough range to make your eyes and brain hurt from looking, but it might be worth it.


If all that wasn’t enough, the shop is just one block off of Boston Common, a beautiful public park that’s 150 years older than the US Declaration of Independence.  If you’re coming to Boston as a tourist you should probably visit the Common, or have the decency to lie about it.  From the corner of Windsor Button’s block you can see the Common and the shining golden dome of the Massachusetts Statehouse.  It was a lovely and perfect end to our Boston adventure.


Windsor Button

35 Temple Pl

Boston, MA 02111

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