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"Travel Blog: A Yarn Shop Grows in Brooklyn"
Author:  planetpurl
Planet Purl heads to the Big Apple for a two-part yarn crawl. First up -- Brooklyn!
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Brooklyn General Store [Back to Blog]

The Brooklyn General Store is on the edge of one of Brooklyn’s cutest shopping neighborhoods-- Carroll Gardens.  Boutiques and delis abound, and there are even a couple of small movie theaters in the area.  This shop is a real gem in this district that definitely deserves some attention from visitors.

Now, “General Store” is in the shop’s name, and they give it small service with several bolts of beautiful fabric, but be sure-- this is a YARN shop through and through.  Their giant collection of sock yarn right at the entrance was enough to make us grateful for the falling temperatures, and their chalkboard full of class offerings sealed the deal.  This is a serious shop.

Their selection leans toward the upmarket with handspun and organic lines by Savannah, Road to China, Hello Mello, and Brooklyn Handspun, with some nice bigger commercial brands like Manos del Uruguay, Malabrigo, Louet, and Araucania rounding out their large selection.  They’re also the only shop we found in the borough that stocks Rowan (a Planet Purl favorite).

This is balanced out by a very minimalist and natural atmosphere that lets you do some high end shopping without having to encounter high end snootiness.  In that way, it’s emblematic of the best that Brooklyn has to offer.

Brooklyn General Store
135 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231


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