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"Travel Blog: A Yarn Shop Grows in Brooklyn"
Author:  planetpurl
Planet Purl heads to the Big Apple for a two-part yarn crawl. First up -- Brooklyn!
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Stitch Therapy [Back to Blog]


Stitch Therapy is a peaceful place.  From the moment we walked in, soft music, lighting, and the owner herself all exuded a feeling of calm.  Maybe it has something to do with the Tibetan shop next door.  Whatever it is, it’s working-- nothing at all to distract you from all the yarns.  They have Berocco, Lana Grossa, Aslantrends, some very nice chunky yarns by Noro, Be Sweet, Elsebeth Lavold, as well as a small selection of rovings, spindles, and needles.

Maxine, the owner, also informed us that in addition to hosting regular classes and a knitting circle, she teaches 2 Day Boot Camps-- short and intense classes geared toward New Yorkers’ busy schedules, but it sounds like it could be perfect for the vacationing knitter as well.

All said, Stitch Therapy is a wonderfully quiet knitting oasis just off 7th Avenue, one of the Park Slope neighborhood’s most popular streets for boutique shopping.  There’s a cute coffee/tea shop on the opposite corner and a clean bench in front of the shop for you to ply your trade, or you can walk just two blocks East to Grand Army Plaza, the entrance to Brooklyn’s famous and beautiful Prospect Park.

Stitch Therapy
176 Lincoln Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217

11/05/2008 2 comments | add comment
Greenberry | 01/04/2009
Stitch Therapy sounds like my kind of place! Thanks for providing such a great description!
jec8of11 | 11/14/2008
I have been to this store. It is very small but it has a nice selection of quality yarn.
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