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"Travel Blog: Welcome to Chi-Town!"
Author:  planetpurl
Deep dish pizza, juicy "dragged through the garden" hot dogs, art and yarn, lots and lots of yarn!
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Chicago is an “everything on it” kind of town.  The pizza’s thick and stuffed.  You order a hot dog, and the first thing you hear-- “Everything on it?”  Well, Loopy is that kind of LYS.

Located in downtown Chicago (aka the Loop), Loopy is just a block off State Street, sung about by Frank Sinatra and home to the old Chicago theaters with their vintage marquees.  They’re also just a couple blocks from the Harold Washington Public Library-- the largest public library building in the world, and from Grant Park-- the city’s great waterfront green space.  Loopy’s a stone’s throw from all the big downtown attractions.

They have two floors in a part of the Loop known as Printer’s Row, since most of the buildings used to house publishers.  With all that room, it’s no wonder they decided to stock every single color of Cascade 220.  They have a broad selection, from less expensive offerings to fine yarns -- Misti Alpaca, Malabrigo, Artyarns, Noro, Lorna’s Laces, Dream In Color (which is hand-painted in Chicago), Manos del Uruguay, Mission Falls, Mirasol, some hand-painted Donegal tweed, a whole room just for sock yarn, and a huge selection of sale yarns.  They were also the only LYS we found in Chicago that catered to spinners and weavers.  “Everything on it,” indeed.

47 W. Polk St
Chicago, IL 60605

09/14/2009 1 comments | add comment
luvstoknt | 09/16/2009
Best darn yarn shop in Chi-town. My son used to live there and I visit this place every time I'm there. Love, love, love it!
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