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"Travel Blog: Germany's Castle Road Christmas Markets (And Yarn, Of Course!)"
Author:  planetpurl
Christmas, yarn, mulled wine, yarn, grilled sausages, yarn, gingerbread, yarn, marzipan and more yarn. The best vacation ever!
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Heidelberg - Pink Castles and a Basketweave Scarf [Back to Blog]


Heidelberg Castle

The famous Heidelberg Castle, built during the sixteenth century, overlooks the city. The castle is illuminated several times a year, commemorating the battles of the 17th century.  If you’re there during the summer, check the schedule for this event, as it is absolutely spectacular.  Floodlights flank the pink stone castle making it appear as if it were in flames, and fireworks explode in the sky above.  I lived in Frankfurt for three years and the trip to Heidelberg for the castle in Flames was a highlight of every summer.  Another historical landmark in the city is the University of Heidelberg, the oldest university in Germany, dating from 1386.

Heidelberg Market

Paris Department Store

The Old City

Strolling through Heidelberg’s old city is like taking a step back through time.  During the Christmas season, open air stalls selling ornaments, gifts, gingerbread cookies, fragrant sausages and mulled wine fill the pedestrian area.  And as if that weren’t enough enticement, the pedestrian Hauptstrasse (High Street or Main Street) is also home to a yarn shop. Hauptstrasse runs from the giant department store Kaufhof to the base of the Heidelberg castle.  There are pockets of the Christmas market along the Haupstrasse with the main markets in the Marktplatz (Market Square) and Kornmarkt (Corn Market).  Heidelberg’s English language tourism website has information about this year’s market: click here.


Wolle Roedel



Wolle Roedel

Back to yarn shopping!  About halfway up Haupstrasse at #99, you’ll find Wolle Roedel (“wolle” means “wool” in German).  Wolle Roedel is a chain of yarn shops that sells it’s own private label yarns in a rainbow of colors, textures, and fibers as well as Schachenmyer.  The shop is bright cheery and quite bustling.  I visited on a Friday afternoon and the shop was quite busy, including a handful of American tourists, who, like me, were buying the ultimate travel souvenir.  Several of the shop clerks were conversing with them in English, but do remember to print out our German translations of knitting and crochet terms to take with you as well.  Since the dollar was quite low at the time against the Euro, the yarn wasn’t a bargain compared to US prices.  But since Mr. PurlQueen had admired a scarf in the window of a shop in a really interesting basketweave, and he never lets me knit anything for him since he doesn’t wear sweaters, I took the opportunity to “let” him pick out yarn for me to recreate the scarf for him.  Maybe now he won’t roll his eyes so much when I “need” to stop in a yarn store while travelling.  Clever, no?

Wolle Roedel
Hauptstr. 99
69117 Heidelberg, Germany
+49 6221 586517


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Ranjeet | 10/25/2010
Where is this Castle? Is it something related to this
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