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"Travel Blog: Germany's Castle Road Christmas Markets (And Yarn, Of Course!)"
Author:  planetpurl
Christmas, yarn, mulled wine, yarn, grilled sausages, yarn, gingerbread, yarn, marzipan and more yarn. The best vacation ever!
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Half-Timbered Houses, Mulled Wine & Mosbach [Back to Blog]



After 2 nights in Heidelberg, where we drank our fair share of mulled wine and packed part of our empty suitcase with Christmas cake (“stollen”) and plenty of marzipan snowmen, we traveled along the beautiful Neckar Valley in the direction of Friedrichsruhe, our next overnight stop.  We stopped along the way to visit the castles and quaint towns.  We stopped when we reached Mosbach, with it’s beautiful Old Town and open air market.  

Mosbach was not one of our scheduled stops, but we couldn’t resist. The town is located on the Castle Road between Heidelberg and Heilbronn.  The main street of the town is a veritable parade of half-timbered houses from the 15th and 16th century.  And oddly enough, as we wandered we found not one, but two, yarn shops in this little town.  



Wolle Roedel - Mosbach

First, Wolle Roedel, on Gartenweg at #2, which was almost a mini-replica of the shop in Heidelberg.  For some reason (maybe the mulled wine?), the sock yarn display was just too much for me to resist.  Especially strange, since I don’t knit socks.  Mr. PlanetPurl actually picked out some Regia Silk yarn for a pair of socks.  Now, he had picked out yarn for a scarf in Heidelberg, and considering that the only thing I had ever knit him was a beautiful mohair scarf which he wore for my birthday trip to Paris a year earlier and which had not seen light of day since, I was pretty shocked when he decided he might like a pair of hand knit socks.  And he was stone cold sober as the designated driver.  So faced with a whole wall of fabulous sock yarn, what did he pick?  Brown.  Yep, solid brown.  At least it was heathered. 

Wolle Roedel
Gartenweg 2
Mosbach, Germany



Sowohl Als Auch

The second shop was called Sowohl als Auch (roughly translates as “and so on and so forth”) and was on the Haupstrasse at #22.  The yarns were arranged by color, which is my favorite way to experience yarns.  So I was drawn to the store window like a cat to a shiny object.  The shop carried only exquisite Lana Grossa yarns, which although are marketed by the German company Lana Grossa, are all manufactured in Italy.  Since I try to buy locally produced yarns while travelling, my budget was safe, but I did enjoy the view. 

Sowohl als Auch
Hauptstrasse 22
74821 Mosbach
06261 899 751

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