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"Travel Blog: Germany's Castle Road Christmas Markets (And Yarn, Of Course!)"
Author:  planetpurl
Christmas, yarn, mulled wine, yarn, grilled sausages, yarn, gingerbread, yarn, marzipan and more yarn. The best vacation ever!
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Nuremberg - Angels & Yarn [Back to Blog]

Nuremberg - Last Stop for Mulled Wine (and Yarn)

Nuremberg is probably the most famous of the German Christmas markets.  It’s quite large, but for atmosphere, I definitely prefer Rothenburg.  The opening of the Christmas market in Nuremberg is a huge production and if you have the opportunity to be there on the opening evening, it’s not to be missed!  The Nuremberg angel presides over the festivities and both wax and wood ornaments of the angel are available everywhere.  

The market is in the Old Town within the walled city center.  I recommend the Le Meridien hotel, just across the street from the walled city’s Koenigstor (King’s Tower), a main entrance into the pedestrian friendly Old Town.



Treffpunkt Wolle

And of course I found a yarn shop en route to the Christmas Market.  If you enter the Old Town through the Koenigstor, head straight along the Koenigstasse toward the main entrance to the market.  You’ll pass a very large church on your right (Lorenzkirche) and if you peek just past it --- yes, that’s a yarn shop!  They have lots of handknit garments for sale as well as what appears to be the full line of Lana Grossa yarns.  They have some German-made yarns as well.  The shop is very large and bright and it’s definitely worth a stop.

Treffpunkt Wolle
Lorenzer Platz 3
90403 Nürnberg


So with suitcases bulging, a couple of crates of Christmas goodies shipped home, an impressive collection of souvenir mulled wine mugs in my carry on bag and with our bellies full of gingerbread, sausage, marzipan, and Christmas cake, we boarded our plane in Nuremberg and headed back home to Florida and near 90 degree temperatures.  But our 9 days traveling the Castle Road and visiting Germany's beautiful Christmas markets sent us home with Christmas spirit that will last for years.  And a few new knitting projects, too!

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