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"Travel Blog: Nicky Epstein's Florence, Italy"
Author:  planetpurl
Nicky Epstein is joining Planet Purl for 3 live chat knit-alongs from her book Knitting in Tuscany. Come visit Florence, Italy with Nicky and Planet Purl.
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Dining in Florence [Back to Blog]
La Giostra

Le Fonticine

From the book "Knitting in Tuscany" by Nicky Epstein:

"So many restaurants, so little time.  My favorite, La Giostra (Borgo Pinti 12r, has great Tuscan/Austrian food, an extensive wine list and is fun, fun, fun.  Most of the fun is supplied by owner Dimitri Kunz d’Asburgo Lorena, a Hapsburg prince, who runs this special place with his two sons and daughter.  Dimitrui traverses the restaurant in his chef’s hat serving bread, pouring wine, and schmoozing with patrons in many languages.  The menu has wonderful dishes like a and an enormous delicious winerschnitzel.  La Giostra is probably the only restaurant in Tuscany where you have a choice of tiramisu or Sacher torte for dessert.

Another favorite is La Fonticine (Via Nazionale 79r,, a country-style trattoria; opt for the rear dining room which is lined with the owner’s colorful paintings.  This is a great place to try Florentine beefsteak, along with items like insalata caprese, fried zucchini blossoms and pasta with mushrooms and truffle sauce."

Planet Purl Travel Tip:  It's hard to get a bad meal in Florence.  Our favorite discovery was potato pizza.  No have to try it.  It's like cheesy scalloped potatoes on pizza crust.
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