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"Travel Blog: Nicky Epstein's Florence, Italy"
Author:  planetpurl
Nicky Epstein is joining Planet Purl for 3 live chat knit-alongs from her book Knitting in Tuscany. Come visit Florence, Italy with Nicky and Planet Purl.
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Yarn Shopping (Of Course!) [Back to Blog]


From the book "Knitting in Tuscany" by Nicky Epstein:

"Florence’s landmark yarn shop, Beatrice Galli, recently closed their doors after 40 years in business.  But there’s still yarn to be had in Florence. 

Campolmi Roberto Filati (Via Folco Portinari 19/21r, is by far the largest yarn shop in Florence.  It sells a dizzying array of discounted yarns from Italy and around the world.  The selection is so great, I felt like I was in yarn heaven when I was there.  I bought some unusual wooden knitting needles I used in designing pieces for Knitting in Tuscany.  The staff is helpful and the shop is in a lovely neighborhood not far from the Duomo.  Plan on spending some time here."

Planet Purl Travel Tip:  Also plan on buying an extra suitcase to get all your purchases from this shop home.  Good thing there are lots of cheap luggage shops in the area!

"There are two other yarn shops in Florence – Magliera Merceria Filati and Mirko Filati di Campi Antonella e Barbara.  Magliera Merceria Filati (Via de’ Cerchi 7r) is half yarn shop and half notions/clothing.  There is a nice selection of yarns at good prices and the shop is off the magnificent Piazza della Signoria, which you are bound to visit.  The friendly proprietors speak just enough English to get you through the yarn-buying experience.

Mirko Filati di Campi Antonella e Barbara (Piazza San Lorenzo 35r, is a tiny yarn shop in the Piazza San Lorenzo right next to the magnificent Basilica di San Lorenzo (the Medici family church) containing works of Michelangelo and others.  We discovered this shop on our last evening in Florence when it was closed, but the yarns in the window looked interesting.  So give it a try and let me know how it is."

Planet Purl Travel Tip:  This shop is stacked high with boxes of very nice Italian yarns.  The ladies working there when we visited spoke almost no English, so be sure to print our Italian knitting dictionary to take with you.
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kathynilsdotter | 02/02/2010
I have been shopping in this store since 2000. I LOVE it. Usually, there will be a super selection of sale items ($7 a bag for lovely mohair, for example). Also, they have a great selection of affordable, gorgeous Italian yarns.
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