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"Travel Blog: Loire Valley - Part Deux"
Author:  planetpurl
Yarn shopping and site-seeing in the Loire Valley in France.
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Contre and the Chateau de Cheverny [Back to Blog]


The town of Contre lies along the route between between Chenonceau and Cheverny.  On the main street, you’ll find Caprices de Femme, a shop that carries lingerie and yarn.  The shop has a very nice selection of Katia, Schachenmyer, and Bergere de France.  The proprietress told me that they were expanding their yarn section with some new construction in July.  She told me that there’s just not enough room for her yarn.  I told her it’s the same at my house, too.  An international problem, I think, that transcends politics, geography and language barriers.  I mean, is there ever enough room for yarn?


Caprices de Femme

20 rue Pierre-Henri Mauger

41700 Contres. 

02 54 79 53 63


Chateau de Cheverny

The early 17th century castle at Cheverny is unique for its pure Louis XIII classical style, completely symmetrical (no need to rearrange the pieces for me).  It was constructed all at once, with no additions or modifications through the centuries, so it is possible to enjoy it in the condition the architect originally intended! 

The first castle opened to the public by its owners, it is still lived in by descendants of the original owners.  The draw for tourists to Cheverny are the elaborate interiors, the most decorated of the Loire Valley chateaux. 



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