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"Travel Blog: Long Island & The Hamptons"
Author:  planetpurl
Join us at this summer playground for a little sightseeing and yarn shopping.
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Montauk and "Purl by the Sea" [Back to Blog]

Montauk Lighthouse

Purl by the Sea

Purl by the Sea

Purl by the Sea

Our first stop in Long Island was in Montauk, on the far eastern point of the island.  At the end of the shore is the beautiful Montauk Point Lighthouse-- commissioned by George Washington, and the fourth oldest lighthouse in the country-- it’s one of the town’s must-see attractions.  From there it’s only a five minute drive back into Montauk’s cute little downtown and shopping district, where Purl By the Sea is located.

Tucked down in the lower level of a building just off the main street, Purl By the Sea has a quiet hidden away feel that keeps nicely with the beach town atmosphere.  When we walked in we heard a woman exclaiming about a sock kit, “It’s so cute I can’t stand it,” and we felt the same way about the shop.  They had lots of Farmhouse Yarns and Sheep Shop in stock-- two brands we don’t see as much of, along with selections from Malabrigo, Blue Sky Alpacas, Manos, Lamb’s Pride, and enough Rowan alone to get our seal of approval. 

There’s a big table in the center that was already busy in the early morning, and the yarn is absolutely stacked up to the ceiling.  Any more yarn and, “We’re going to need a bigger shop!” (to paraphrase “Jaws”, whose story was inspired by a shark caught off the Montauk shore).

Don’t let shark tales keep you away from the beaches though.  The town is sandwiched between the Long Island Sound and the open ocean.  The summer brings surfers, swimmers, fishers, and seal-watchers together on the coast.  Locals recommended Nick’s, a bar and restaurant right on the beach that sometimes has live music, and provides instant access to the water, where people spend their nights around fires.  While summers are busiest, Montauk still has activities in the winter, like cross-country skiing or hiking in one of the many state parks, and Purl By the Sea is also open year-round.

Purl By the Sea
34 S Erie Ave
Montauk, NY 11954-5199
(631) 668-7875
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