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"Travel Blog: Long Island & The Hamptons"
Author:  planetpurl
Join us at this summer playground for a little sightseeing and yarn shopping.
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The Hamptons & Rainbow Yarn [Back to Blog]

Rainbow Yarn

Rainbow Yarns

Rainbow Yarns

The Hamptons have gained a reputation as a glitzy playground for the tanned, rich, beautiful, and famous, but even in East Hampton, the toniest of the “hamlets”, they do a nice job of preserving the feel of a country village Main Street-- right down to the 200 year-old working Old Hook Windmill.  Charming and quaint might seem difficult to manage surrounded by the likes of Hermes and Tiffany’s, but the Hamptons swing it.

Hampton Bays-- the home of Rainbow Yarns-- has recently become a hub for nightlife in the area, even if it’s significantly less famous than its neighbors.  It’s home to Long Island’s largest nightclub, CPI, in case you get too relaxed from all your knitting, and need to get a little pumped up afterward. While it has a recently glamorous history, Hampton Bays has been around a long time and one of the original settlement’s landmarks-- the Canoe Place Inn-- still stands after over 250 years. 

Rainbow Yarns has shown a similar staying power (relative to the LYS business), staying open for over 30 years.  Good work.  Rainbow has a select amount of Pingouin, Patons, Cascade, and Universal Yarns-- just enough to keep the traveling knitter happily occupied. 

Their collection of books is definitely worth a peek.  They have a huge amount of older titles that may be out of print and the pages are a lot easier to skim in person than they are on eBay.  Rainbow also carries a really nice selection of cross-stitch and needlepoint canvasses.

What kept Hampton Bays alive before celebrities and late-night parties?  The sea.  Hampton Bays is full of active marinas, and it’s the second-largest commercial fishing port in New York, meaning lots and lots of fresh and tasty seafood.  At the Indian Cove Restaurant & Marina you can have your clams and lobsters on a suspended deck with a 300 degree view over the bay.  Or, if you want something more casual, there are a number of roadside seafood shacks on the Montauk Highway that seemed to be very popular on a Friday afternoon.

Rainbow Yarns & Framing
13 Ponquogue Ave
Hampton Bays, NY
(631) 728-3085
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