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"Travel Blog: Long Island & The Hamptons"
Author:  planetpurl
Join us at this summer playground for a little sightseeing and yarn shopping.
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Miller Place and "Knitter's Knitche" [Back to Blog]




Our last Long Island shop was a bit inland, in Miller Place, New York.  But the drive from Greenport to Miller Place was beautiful. 

Maybe you will not be as surprised as we were to learn this, but Long Island has its own wine country bursting with a seemingly endless lineup of vineyards and wineries.  Some of the towns, with their mix of antique stores, coffee shops, and boutiques, look like they could have been transported whole from Napa.  Palmer Vineyards, Macari Vineyards, and Martha Clara Vineyards are three stops on the “North Fork Wine Trail” that come particularly recommended.

The highways are also dotted with roadside flower, fruit, and vegetable stands.  The produce was fresh and smelled great.  In addition to the fruit sellers, there were a number of farms where you can pick your own fresh strawberries and raspberries.  The farms seemed to stretch on forever, and the huge green spaces are a big contrast to nearby New York City.

If you need a moment to regain your composure after a day of either wine-tasting or of screaming children at the Splish Splash Water Park nearby, Knitter’s Knitche is a fine place to stop.  Their emphasis is on teaching, and Knitter’s Knitche has a large open space to do so.  They also have a huge selection of Cascade, Berroco, Skacel, Manos, and Malabrigo-- not to mention a ton of Rowan (which Long Islanders seem to love, and we love them for that).  They were very friendly, and a nice way to end our day out on the Island.

Knitter’s Knitche
745 Rte 25A
Miller Place.NY.11764
(631) 849-4684

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