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"Travel Blog: Planet Purl Takes Manhattan"
Author:  planetpurl
Planet Purl traveled to Manhattan over the 2008 Thanksgiving weekend for a little sightseeing and a lot of yarn shopping. Join us as we search out some prime yarn shopping spots in the Big Apple.
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Big Apple = Big Yarn Shopping [Back to Blog]
We love New York during the holidays -- open air Christmas markets, giant holiday decorations festooning giant buildings, spectacular window dispays at the big department stores, street vendors selling chestnuts roasting on coal braziers.  All surrounding some really fabulous yarn shops!  So cut a slice of cheesecake, pour some coffee, and come along as we take you on a tour of some of Manhattan's best yarn shopping spots.
12/10/2008 2 comments | add comment
Knittingnana60 | 09/23/2012
You missed Lion Brand Studio, one of the best yarn shops in NYC. They have the LB Collection yarns that are not available in other stores. The also have great classes, personal instruction, and lots of help with yarns and patterns.

Also, you need to do Queens, if for no other reason than to go to Smiley's. It has lots of yarn in bulk and really good prices.
Knittingnana60 | 09/23/2012
You missed one of the best shops in Manhattan, Lion Brand Studio at 34 West 15th St. Not only the Lion Brand yarns that are sold in craft stores, but LB Collection yarns that are higher quality yarns with cashmere, merino, and other quality fibers. Lots of good classes, individual instruction, and help with their patterns.
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