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"Travel Blog: Montreal"
Author:  planetpurl
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Join Planet Purl as we do a yarn crawl with a French accent in beautiful Montreal.
02/10/2009 - A La Tricoteuse Laine

The most meticulously organized shop we have ever seen is A La Tricoteuse Laine.  The owners were following behind shoppers, making sure the skeins were still evenly arranged, labels facing out.  It was like a yarn museum.  We almost kept our hands to ourselves so as not to mess anything up, but that impulse didn’t last long.  I’m sorry, but yarn is meant to be touched!

Tricoteuse carries Phildar, Katia, Adriafil, Rowan, Lang, Needful, Debbie Bliss, Diamond, Mirasol, and Grignasco, with a giant selection of needles behind the counter.  They also have a big selection of needlepoint canvas and thread, along with an eclectic assortment of buttons.

Compared to a lot of the other Montreal shops, this one carries a larger percentage of chunky yarns.  There was a pretty chenille from Tivoli that especially caught our eye.  Most of the other shops seemed to carry more DK and fingering weights.

A La Tricoteuse Laine
779 Rue Rachel Est
Montréal, QC, Canada

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02/10/2009 - Effiloche

Effiloche has a lot going for it:  they’re near Montreal’s largest Farmer’s Market; they’re surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops; and most importantly- they are in a long covered shopping corridor that lets you do all of your stash building protected from the elements.  There’s a young and creative atmosphere with good music playing, and yarns, books, fun embellishments, and fabrics scattered around the shop in a way that made us want to dig around and discover.  They manage to pull off “quirky” without being overbearing, and their long couches would definitely be a good place to sit and knit.  Some of the brands we discovered were: Fleece Artist, Hand Maiden, Rowan, Noro, Manos del Uruguay, Mirasol, Berroco, Araucania, Regia, and Cestari.  They had a giant trunk full of Tanis Yarns (fully machine dry-able), and eco-yarns from Rowan, Sirdar, and Cascade.  They also had a wide variety of beautiful print fabrics.  They do a great job of balancing sewing and knitting, so neither feels like an afterthought. Effiloche offers open group instruction and does one-on-one classes by appointment.  The main knitting instructor is a man.  In fact, there are more male employees here than females.  That makes this the perfect place to deliver a knitting sales pitch to any reluctant men in your life, along with being a good place to shop. 

Nearest Metro stop: Beaubien

6252 Rue Saint-Hubert
Montréal, QC H2S 2M2
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02/10/2009 - A La Lainerie Lapine

A La Lainerie Lapine gave us a unique experience, as it was the only store we went to where the employees didn’t speak any English. We came across some good luck though, because the customer there understood a little. Unfortunately, after she translated for us- we were informed not to take pictures or notes until the owner could be contacted at some date yet to be determined.

Before we left, we did happen to scope out a tiny bit. We’re sneaky like that. The remarkable thing about this un-assuming shop is that they have more Phildar than a Phildar store. Rows and rows and rows of the stuff. It’s quite an unexpected thing to find tucked away inside a row of mini-malls. They had a few other smaller French labels, along with Pingouin, and advertised out front were Patons, Coats, and Diamond.  If you are a needlepointer, they had the largest needlepoint section we saw in Montreal.

A La Lainerie Lapine
3884 Rue Jean-Talon Est
Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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02/10/2009 - Tricot Quartier

A little bit west of the city center, we visited Tricot Quartier.  This shop fits in perfectly with its quaint boutique neighborhood.  It’s the farthest we got from downtown, and we gladly could have spent an entire afternoon lazily walking in and out of the stores, grabbing an occasional hot chocolate to warm up (did we mention it was cold!?!).

Tricot Quartier has such a warm atmosphere.  Part of that must be the lighting, which might be softer than a Robert Redford close-up.  Absolutely everything looked beautiful under the lights.  Their Nashua Mohair had an angelic glow to it.  They also carry: Berocco, Mission Falls, Twilley’s, Rowan, Lang, Eden, Classic Elite, Louet, Drops, Manos del Uruguay, and a really big selection of Lana Gatto.

They don’t carry much sock yarn, or many novelty yarns.  But they offer classes and a lot of classic yarns in a beautiful setting.  So shop, get inspired, and head to one of the many beautiful Montreal parks to do some European-styled knitting in public.

Tricot Quartier
6054 avenue Monkland
Montreal, Quebec  H4A 1H2

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02/10/2009 - Mouline Fine Yarns

Mouline Fine Yarns has the ambition to be one of North America’s best yarn shops.  We respect ambition, especially when it comes to yarn.  (After all, Planet Purl’s own PurlQueen has finally  reached the level where she’s moved beyond “stash” to being the proud owner of a “Personal Yarn Shop.”)

Mouline is owned by published knitwear designer Svetlana Kudrevich.  Svetlanana opened the shop shortly after she had some of her patterns published in Vogue Knitting. She and her team of 4 help cutomers with their knitting and design questions in English, French & Russian.  The shop offers a full slate of classes in both knit and crochet, and one of Canada's finest knit finishers is available when you just can't make yourself stitch up that sweater you finished.  Yes, ma'am, Mouline is truly a full-service LYS.  One of their other big selling points is pricing -- they regularly check the websites of other top stores to set their very competitive pricing.

Mouline carries a large selection of yarn, including Rowan, Colinette, Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo, Dale of Norway, Filatura di Crosa, Classic Elite, Naturally, Manos del Uruguay, Inca Gold, Filtes King, Diamond Luxury, Cascade, Berroco, Katia, Punta, Muench Naturwolle, Sandnes Garn, Garn Studio and the largest  stock of Noro yarns in Canada.  They devote a ton of space to sock yarn and even carry a full line of tone on tone Canadian sock yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts, a fully machine dry-able, 80/20 merino/nylon blend is still soft enough to spoil your tootsies.  Mouline has a strong relationship with Tanis as well as the Canadian staples Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist.  Their selection of Hand Maiden is as complete as we’ve seen.

They have enough patterns and books to keep anyone busy, along with all the necessary needles, and some notions.  All said, it was a nice way to start our Montreal crawl.

Nearest Metro stop: Station Lionel-Groulx

Mouline Fine Yarns
2657 rue Notre Dame Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H3J 1N9

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02/10/2009 - Bienvenue a Montreal!
If you've read any Planet Purl or PurlQueen travel blogs, you know our love of all things French.  Most especially French pastry and wine, together, separate, however-- yummmmmm!  If you need a French fix (and who doesn't?) and you live in North America, you can take an 8 or 9 hour flight from the East Coast of the US to France, or you can hop a quick flight to Montreal an hour over the Vermont border, to find Old World-y things like narrow neighborhood streets, centuries old buildings, parks, beautiful churches, and people speaking French.  They might make a little fun of your French, or lack thereof, but that’s just part of the European experience- even in Canada  It's an "as close to Paris as you can get without going to France" experience.  And there's yarn -- lots and lots of it.  Quelle formidable!
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