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"Travel Blog: Montreal"
Author:  planetpurl
Join Planet Purl as we do a yarn crawl with a French accent in beautiful Montreal.
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Mouline Fine Yarns [Back to Blog]

Mouline Fine Yarns has the ambition to be one of North America’s best yarn shops.  We respect ambition, especially when it comes to yarn.  (After all, Planet Purl’s own PurlQueen has finally  reached the level where she’s moved beyond “stash” to being the proud owner of a “Personal Yarn Shop.”)

Mouline is owned by published knitwear designer Svetlana Kudrevich.  Svetlanana opened the shop shortly after she had some of her patterns published in Vogue Knitting. She and her team of 4 help cutomers with their knitting and design questions in English, French & Russian.  The shop offers a full slate of classes in both knit and crochet, and one of Canada's finest knit finishers is available when you just can't make yourself stitch up that sweater you finished.  Yes, ma'am, Mouline is truly a full-service LYS.  One of their other big selling points is pricing -- they regularly check the websites of other top stores to set their very competitive pricing.

Mouline carries a large selection of yarn, including Rowan, Colinette, Debbie Bliss, Malabrigo, Dale of Norway, Filatura di Crosa, Classic Elite, Naturally, Manos del Uruguay, Inca Gold, Filtes King, Diamond Luxury, Cascade, Berroco, Katia, Punta, Muench Naturwolle, Sandnes Garn, Garn Studio and the largest  stock of Noro yarns in Canada.  They devote a ton of space to sock yarn and even carry a full line of tone on tone Canadian sock yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts, a fully machine dry-able, 80/20 merino/nylon blend is still soft enough to spoil your tootsies.  Mouline has a strong relationship with Tanis as well as the Canadian staples Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist.  Their selection of Hand Maiden is as complete as we’ve seen.

They have enough patterns and books to keep anyone busy, along with all the necessary needles, and some notions.  All said, it was a nice way to start our Montreal crawl.

Nearest Metro stop: Station Lionel-Groulx

Mouline Fine Yarns
2657 rue Notre Dame Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H3J 1N9

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