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"Travel Blog: Philadelphia"
Author:  planetpurl
Join us in the city of brotherly (and sisterly!) love for a little yarn shopping in the US cradle of freedom.
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Just a short walk away from Rosie's, we found our next shop, Loop.  Can you imagine how much easier exercise would be if you had two great yarn shops to walk between a few times a week?  And we were informed more than once by the locals that Philadelphia’s a great walking city. 

The owner of Loop told us that his goal was to apply a modern approach to the local yarn store, and we think he’s succeeded.  It’s not going to remind you of your grandmother’s porch, but we appreciated the sleek rows of yarn separated by hip couches.  Plus, the abundance of three crucial elements: light, space, and yarn make it a great spot to sit and knit. 

They carry a good deal of Malabrigo, Koigu, and Blue Sky Alpaca along with lines by Nature’s Palette, Noro, Debbie Bliss, Filatura di Crosa, Tahki, Mission Falls, Alchemy, Lorna’s Laces, Loop D’ Loop, Trekking, a German sock yarn called Schoppelwolle, and a mega skein called Zauberball.  They have a good selection of books and buttons and a lovely line of superwash merino called “Colorful Yarn  that’s spun in Pennsylvania and dyed in the neighborhood.  We love local yarns, and that’s almost as local as it gets. 

If you happen to sew (it’s okay, we won’t tell your jealous half-finished afghan in the closet), then you should leave some time to visit Spool next door.  It’s a companion shop designed in the same style and they carry some wonderful fabrics.

1914 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 893-9939
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Knittingnana60 | 09/23/2012
Loop is a great place for classes with master knitters.
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