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"Travel Blog: Philadelphia"
Author:  planetpurl
Join us in the city of brotherly (and sisterly!) love for a little yarn shopping in the US cradle of freedom.
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Tangled Web [Back to Blog]

It took us a while to get from the city center out to the fancy Chestnut Hill area (almost two hours in Friday afternoon traffic), but we were still excited to see Tangled Web. Our expectations had been built up- when some of the other shop owners asked about our itinerary, they would respond to Tangled Web with, “Oh yeah, they’re big.” We were not disappointed.

Two stories with high ceilings, and the first floor stuffed with yarn- they may be nestled in a cute boutique filled village, but it is a Fiberzilla. Tangled Web stocks Plymouth, Cascade, Jo Sharp, Classic Elite, Claudia Hand Painted, Lana Grossa, SRK, SWTC, Rowan, Aslan Trends, Frog Tree, Nashua, Lamb’s Pride, Malabrigo, Jade Sapphire, and Wagtail. They have a big number of knitted up samples, and enough space to accommodate just about everything from low to high-end and a good selection of novelty yarns as well.

Speaking of space, the entire second level is for sitting and knitting, and also where the classes are held. No need to worry about rubbing elbows or getting your project tangled with someone else’s on the table- there’s room enough for everyone. Plus, it has a nice open floor plan that manages to let the light in but keep most of the sound out from the floor below.

Some people assume that when a store gets too big then customer service is bound to suffer. Customer service after all, is one of the reasons we shop at an LYS rather than giant chains.  Tangled Web had so many friendly service people I don’t think they’d ever have this problem. Friendly, and always just around the corner- they seemed to anticipate every customer’s needs. Some of the other shoppers were happy to chime in when we were talking with the employees, and there was a real sense of community here.

Tangled Web
7709 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19118


04/09/2009 1 comments | add comment
debbiepos | 05/17/2012
You found my favorite yarn shop in the city!!! So sorry it took 2 hours to get there....should be more like 40 minutes in rush hour, 25 minutes mid-day...but then I know the city streets and short-cuts. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful review. So glad you felt the same way I do about The Tangled Web!
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