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Author:  JosiKoe
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12/05/2017 - How much do you know about the GOAT players in Madden 18
As many of you know, only at, we have been really pumped with this year?ˉs Madden. We're also super excited to observe a lot more in depth gameplay of this year?ˉs game and like you, we have our preorder in and then we could get on the list of five GOAT players. Much more information has been exposed about the GOAT players and that is what we wish to talk about today.

The five players that you obtain are Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice. All five GOAT players present an 84 overall rating and to tell the truth with you, you truly have to have a look at each particular person stat to make your mind up which one is likely to be right for the kind of play you have. For us, Deion Sanders will be the way to go as his speed, acceleration and jumping are typical rated in the 80?ˉs which in Madden 18 will make him a very, very great player.

Why might you not take Tom Brady? Is what some of you may be asking, but also for us, the Tom Brady that is part of the GOAT set seriously isn't well liked as we may have liked to get seen. Plus if you ever complete the Madden 18 story mode, you obtain Dan Marino for free! And we all would suggest saving your QB destination for him and picking Deion Sanders as your GOAT.

We would love to hear from you guys on what GOAT player you are likely to be selecting for Madden 18. And you can also get madden mobile coins easy with the support of R4PG. 

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