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"Travel Blog: Tampa/St. Petersburg"
Author:  planetpurl
Beautiful Gulf Beaches, awesome Cuban food, cruise ships, major league sports, and, of course, yarn glorious yarn. Join us as we cruise Florida's west coast for a little yarn shopping.
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Uncommon Threads - Palm Harbor [Back to Blog]


We had so much fun shopping here, it was hard to get back on the road.  The owner is so energetic and funny, it's like a comedy club with yarn! 
Loads and loads of yarn.

The store is laid out with aisles virtually stuffed with yarn.  It's like going to a Sam's Club but with yarn.  We've never seen so much yarn packed into a space. We walked up and down every aisle at least twice, there was so much to see.  The yarns were more or less sorted by fiber, which those living in warm climates appreciate.  A sample of the brands carried include: Colinette, SWTC, Berocco, Plymouth, Prism, Classic Elite, Alpaca With A Twist, Marks & Katten, Universal, Plassard, Anny Blatt, Needful Yarns, Jojoland, Misti, Claudia Handpaints, J Knits Handyed, Malabrigo, Crystal Palace, Jaeger, Aslan Trends, GGH, and on and on and on.

For beaders, or knitters and crocheters who love to add beads to their creations (like us), There's a section of the wall that all beads.  Uncommon Threads is an outlet for Jane's Beads and the selection is HUGE. 

This was the only shop in the area that also sold spinning fibers and supplies.  There was a wall of beautifull hand-dyed roving for those who like to make their own yarn, as well as basic spinning tools.

Uncommon Threads
31962 US 19 N.
Palm Harbor, Florida 34684

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