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"Travel Blog: Yarn Shopping in Toronto, Eh?"
Author:  planetpurl
The Yanks went North in search of some hanks. Join us as we yarn crawl through the world's most diverse city, Toronto.
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Lettuce Knit [Back to Blog]


Heading back a little closer to the city center, our next stop was Lettuce Knit. We've noticed that many yarn shop owners simply can't resist the need to use a pun to name their shops with the word "Ewe" appearing with alarming frequency in shop names.  This was a first for us, though -- a produce-based pun.  We weren't sure what to expect.

Walking from the west, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a funky neighborhood emerge from what looked like a typical block of single-family houses. Those were quickly replaced by fruit markets, natural food stores, t-shirt shops, and the kind of graffiti that indicates the presence of artists rather than an indication that you need to hold onto your purse or wallet tighter. 

Lettuce Knit has a young and hip feel, which is not surprisiing given its proximity to the University of Toronto. They seem committed to keeping things fresh, from their Blue Moon “Socks That Rock” kits, to their tiny but wonderfully handcrafted porcelain buttons, and stylish knitting bags and needle holders. They prefer hand-dyed yarns, stocking Araucania, Manos del Uruguay, and of course those lovely Canadians -- Handmaiden and Fleece Artist. They also carry Rowan, Habu, Noro, Louet, Hemp for Knitting, Green Mountain Spinnery, Blue Sky Alpacas, and Berocco among others.


Lettuce Knit

70 Nassau Street

Toronto, ON M5T 1M5

(416) 203-9970


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