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"Travel Blog: Yarn Shopping in Toronto, Eh?"
Author:  planetpurl
The Yanks went North in search of some hanks. Join us as we yarn crawl through the world's most diverse city, Toronto.
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Romni Wools [Back to Blog]


By law, Romni Wools should be required to keep a de-fiber-lator behind the counter, since weʼre sure that more than one person has clutched his or her chest from a Yarn Attack upon entering Canadaʼs largest yarn store. You'd be hard pressed to find this much knitting and crochet stuff in one place anywhere else. 

As the ownerʼs son led us down the long aisles, he wanted to highlight the shopʼs focus on natural fibers which stems from his motherʼs allergy to acrylic. When he tried to explain, “You know, you canʼt carry everything,” we tried as hard as we could to find a hint of sarcasm in his voice, since from our view it looks like theyʼve gotten pretty darn close. 

The aisles are roughly organized by weight, moving from chunky to 4-ply, with a small island that the “Romnettes” have dubbed “Sock Land.” Yes, this place is so big that socks get their own country. They carry a U-Haul truck's worth of Rowan and Debbie Bliss, also Handmaiden, Fleece Artist, Fiddlesticks, Katia, Austermann, Noro, Araucania, Pingouin, Colinette, Ella Rae, On Line, Mondial, Earth Collection, Misti Alpaca, Crystal Palace, Malabrigo, Nashua, Sublime, Louisa Harding, Regia, and countless others. They also have a house brand under their own name that makes wool and cotton tape. All that's just in the main room!

To the right of the entrance they had a discount and sale section (in its own right as big as some LYSʼs) with Kelly, Needful Yarns, Lana Gatto, Estelle and SRK among others. This room also had a small libraryʼs worth of magazines and patterns. If for some reason you canʼt find a yarn upstairs that appeals to you, (which would be highly unlikely), you can just head downstairs where they have a mass of coned yarns and raw mohair, cashmere, and chenille, plus a variety of wheels and looms from Louet and Ashford on which to to spin them. In fact, they recently hosted Richard Ashford as he taught a class on his newly designed loom.

It seems theyʼve thought of everything, but in case you need more (we're not judging you) Romni Wools is on the busy Queen Street, just past the main fashion district, so in just a ten minute walk you can come across a variety of shops where you can find all kinds of beads and ribbons to embellish your precious projects.

Romni Wools

658 Queen St W

Toronto, ON

(416) 703-0202


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textilefusion | 01/24/2009
I was there in February 2007 and wow. It's yarn heaven.
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