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"Travel Blog: Paris"
Author:  planetpurl
The adventures of a yarn addict in Paris in desperate need of a fix.
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Art In Paris, The Search For Hand-Dyed Yarn, And The Last Dying Breaths Of What I Now Laughingly Refer To As My “Budget” [Back to Blog]

On Friday, we took a break from our yarn shop search to search for garment design inspiration in art at the Louvre and Rodin museums.  Work related, no?  (In case anyone from the IRS reads this).   
Paris Department Store

Le Musee Rodin

If you’re exhausted by the hustle and bustle of Paris, head to the Rodin Museum for some peace and quiet.  Besides the unbelievable collection of his works inside the mansion converted to a museum, there is a very large park/garden dotted with another 30 or so sculptures, including the Thinker and the Gates of Hell, which is likely the quietest spot in Paris.  There’s a little ice cream and refreshment kiosk in the park and plenty of benches so you can rest your feet, rehydrate and enjoy the art, all at the same time.  Alas, most of Rodin’s works are not wearing any garments at all, much less knitwear, so we were forced to head to the Louvre in search of knitting inspiration. 

Paris BHV

Paris BHV

The Louvre

The Louvre is the world’s largest museum with over 35,000 works on display.  My guide book says it would take 9 months just to glance at all the works on display.  The place is a labyrinth, so I think they must have meant it would take 9 months to find all the works on display.  O.K., so I’ll give that it’s a fabulous museum.  I’ve visited the Louvre at least once on every trip to Paris, save the trip at Christmas where the line was all the way around the square in front and before I knew about the Museum Pass.  Sure the art collection is simply without equal.  But I think they could have made more of an effort to showcase some art that included knitwear.  Probably half the art is nude or just draped in a sheet.  The rest is just wearing some kind of period costume.  Even the scenes of winter – no sweaters!  So go if you must, just be forewarned – no pictures or statues of knitwear to speak of.  But do check out the Metro station at Louvre-Rivoli – marble walls, museum lighting and art works (reproductions).  The most gorgeous Metro station on Paris.



Paris BHV

Paris BHV


Arts & Crafts Market Bastille

So after such a disappointing day on Friday searching for knitwear in art museums, on Saturday we headed to the arts and crafts market at Place de la Bastille.  The market is on rue Richard Lenoir right outside the metro stop Bastille.  The art and craft market (“creations” market) is there on Saturdays only and there’s one in Montmartre on Sunday.  I thought this might be the best place to find fiber artists and check out some handspun and/or hand-dyed yarns.  Ummm, still no.  However, there’s plenty of artwork, a fair amount of jewelry and other crafts.  I fell in love with two works and having left my apartment with too much cash in my wallet, bought them.   

So if you visit the Bastille market soon, not only will you see art and crafts, you may also see the tattered remnants of what I now laughingly refer to as my shopping budget blowing around in the gutter.

 After another busy couple of days in service to Planet Purl, I had no choice but to fortify myself for the remaining days ahead with some French pastry.  If you were here, I know you'd do the same!
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