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"Travel Blog: Paris"
Author:  planetpurl
The adventures of a yarn addict in Paris in desperate need of a fix.
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Yarn Search Marathon: Yarn or Bust! [Back to Blog]
Even though it was Monday and very likely that most of our remaining targets were closed, we decided to gird our loins and suck it up and see how many yarn stores we could hit in one warm, sunny Paris day. We batted 750, so I was feeling pretty good about this post until I realized my photographer hadn't downloaded my pictures before backpacking off to Spain.  But pictures were sent as soon as he put the Sangria down long enough to check his email.
Paris Department Store

Paris Department Store

Paris Department Store

Chez Florence

This adorable shop may be the easist to find in all of Paris.  It's located at 11 rue Dauphine.  Rue Dauphine ends at the famous Pont Neuf bridge (yes, I know that's redundant all you French speaking smarty pants-es) on the Left Bank.  So if you're standing on the Pont Neuf, walk to the Left Bank side and keep walking for about two blocks on rue Dauphine and it's right there on the left side of the street.

The shop is small, but it carries a nice selection of Fonty yarns from France.  The shop also carries a charming selection of toys, children's clothes, and French cross-stitch kits.  I suspect that the Florence after whom this shop is named stocked it with all her favorite things.  If I did that, do you think there'd be French pastry and chocolate in addition to yarn and probably every knitting bag ever made?  Hmmmmm.  I bet you'd shop there, wouldn't you?

And so far, we were batting a thousand!

Paris Department Store

Paris Department Store

Paris Department Store

Amelie Diffusion

This shop is not as easy to find as Chez Florence, but it has quite a nice selection of yarns I never see in the US.   The shop is located at 86 rue de Grevilliers.  I strongly suggest you Mapquest it, as it is a bit tricky to describe how to get there.  Don't be confused if you first see a sign for the shop that looks empty with a note in French on the door.  Go to #86 -- that's what the note says anyway.

This rustic little shop is jam packed to the ceiling with yarn.  Brands include Fonty, Lammy, Markona Niewegien, Scheepjes, Plassard, and Nevida Moda.  There are wools, cottons, novelties, and a nice selection of sock yarn.  The shop is open Monday, but closed Saturday and Sunday.  Open from 9:00-12:00, closed for lunch until 1:00 and then open until 5:30. 

If you're keeping track, we were still batting a thousand.


Paris Department Store


Mercerie Collection 5

The word mercerie can include yarn, but may also indicate a sewing or quilting shop.  This bright and friendly mercerie did not disappoint us in our yarn shop marathon.   In addition to cross stitch and embroidery supplies, buttons, thread, notions, latch hook stuff and a surprising collection of sewing baskets, the store carries what appears to be every style and color of Pinguoin yarn made.  Sock yarn and everything.  And all arranged in easy to find displays, for a change.  I like a treasure hunt as much as the next girl, but when I'm yarn shopping, personally I like everything neat and tidy so I don't miss anything. 

Mercerie Collection 5 is located at 15 Boulevard Batignolles.  The nearest Metro stops are Place Clichy or Rome.  Boulevard Batignolles is a main thoroughfare and is easy to find on the local maps posted at the metro exits.  The shop is open 6 days a week - closed Sunday of course (this is Paris after all).  Closed daily for lunch from 1:00 to 2:00.

And still batting a thousand, by the way.


Paris Department Store


Mercerie Le 16eme Fil

Feeling just a bit smug at finding my first 3 stops open in Paris and on a Monday, I had to push my luck and head of to the 16th district to check out Mercerie Le 16eme Fil (translation: The 16th Thread or Yarn).  It carries Bergere de France yarn, and since Bergere de France closed it's company stores in Paris, it was likely to be my only close encounter with Bergere de France yarn on this trip.  Well, the shop is definitely there, but it is closed on Monday.  Poop. 

Best I could do was peer through the windows.  A poster on the window taunted me with the fact they carry Bergere de France yarn.  Yarn that I couldn't touch.  I could only squint through the glass to catch a glimpse.  So close, but yet so far.  I also noted sewing baskets, notions, latch hooking supplies, needlepoint, and buttons. 

The shop is located 15 rue Descamps and the nearest Metro is Rue de la Pompe.  But if you go, go on Tuesday through Saturday between 9:00 and 1:00 or 3:00 and 7:00, or like me, you'll be left to stand face pressed upon the glass, dreaming of the yarn within.

Oh, and now my batting average fell to 750.
Brokeheartened and emotionally crushed, I had no choice but to go around the corner to the Paul bakery and drown my sorrows in an apricot puff pastry and pot of tea.  It helped a little, at least until I could get back to my rented apartment and help myself to the gourmet chocolate and almond pastries with which I stocked my refrigerator just in case of such an emergency.
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