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What is a knit-along?
A knit-along is a dedicated online community space where knitters and crocheters can share tips, photos and their experiences completing a specific project. Planet Purl knit-alongs include:
  • Ability to post photos of works in progress
  • Participate in live chat with with other knit-along group members
  • Post tips and techniques and get help with the dedicated message board/forum for each knit-along
  • Connect with other knitters and crocheters working on the same project
Who can join a knit-along?
Any member of the Planet Purl community can participate in the online knit-alongs. To join a group, simply log in as a member and click "Join this Knit-Along" to join the group. Once you have joined the knit-along you can participate fully in the knit-along features.
Who can create or host a free knit-along?
Any individual member of Planet Purl can start a knit-along. However, members' knit-alongs may not contain advertising or links to any purchase source or commercial knitting site. Manufacturers, designers and shops who wish to host a knit-along or to be an advertised purchase point for any knit-along should contact us at for information on how Planet Purl can help with your advertising needs.
What kinds of projects can be posted as a knit-along?
To keep our website topic-focused, all knit-alongs on Planet Purl must be fiber related -- knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, or related craft.
How much does it cost to participate in a knit-along?
Participating in a knit-along is free.
How do I create a knit-along?
To create a new knit-along on the Planet Purl site:
  1. Login as a member to the Planet Purl site
  2. Go to the Knit-Alongs section and click on the toolbar link called "Create Knit-Along"
  3. Complete the online form and upload a photo of your knit-along project
Please Note: Knit-alongs are reviewed and approved before they are made visible to all members. After creating your knit-along, please check back within 1 business day.
How long will my knit-along be available?
Knit-alongs do not have an expiration date on Planet Purl. We will, however, frequently monitor knit-alongs and if there is no activity for several months we reserve the right to remove a knit-along from our database. The moderator of a knit-along will be contacted on a case by case basis in this scenario.
How do I delete a knit-along?
If you are the moderator/leader of a knit-along, please contact Planet Purl to have the knit-along deleted from our database. Note: Knit-Alongs and all related posts, materials, photos and history of the groups are permanently deleted. They are no longer retrievable by members or Planet Purl staff once removed from the system.

If you are a member of a knit-along and want to leave the group:
  1. Log into the Planet Purl community
  2. Browse to the knit-along you want to leave
  3. Click the link in the right column to "Leave this knit-along"
What if I want to change or update knit-along details, photos or members?
Moderators of a knit-along have the ability to manage page details, photos and members of the knit-along. When the moderator is logged into Planet Purl and browsing the knit-along page, they will have an extra link in the toolbar called "Manage this Group". The moderator can manage all aspects of the knit-along from this feature.

Please note that any changes to the knit-along are permanent, including deleting photos or forum posts related to the knit-along. They cannot be retrieved by Planet Purl staff once removed from the system.
Who is the knit-along moderator and what is their role?
The knit-along moderator defaults to the Planet Purl member who creates the knit-along. Their role is to establish the general information about the knit-along and will also have the ability to manage photos and posts to the dedicated forum.
How can I change the knit-along moderator?
The assigned moderator to a knit-along can be updated if the moderator logs in and changes the moderator to a different user. This can be done through the "manage this group" link available to the knit-along moderator. The new user must already be a member of the knit-along before they can be designated as the new moderator.
Can I host a knit-along that is not open to the public?
Yes, this option is available on a case by case basis. This would allow for the moderator to "approve" all members requesting to join a specific knit-along. Please contact Planet Purl for details on this knit-along hosting option.


Knit-alongs are reviewed and approved by Planet Purl before they are made visible to all members.

After creating your knit-along, please check back within 1 business day to be able to view and participate in your newly formed knit-along group.

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