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Location:  Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Knitting since:   I was 10 yrs young.
Learned from:   HomeEc Teacher and a book.
My skill level:   Advanced Beginner
Favorite local yarn shop:
believe it or not Wallmart.
My favorite knitting techniques:
beaded knitting/crochet
Types of garments I like to knit:
womens, socks
Types of crochet I enjoy:
crochet lace, crocheted garments & accessories
I also enjoy these related crafts:
felting, free-form / art knitting, knitted or crocheted jewelry, needle felting
I like to crochet often but I will knit items from patterns more readily.  I started a Prayer Shawl Ministry late in 2009, with my church.  I guess I have either knitted or crochet some 40 shawls, either for adults or young children.  That is a conservative number but at this point I have lost count as our group work hard together.  There are certain skills or techniques that I have not attempted either because when I did try them I struggled with them or I just thought they were too difficult to learn from a book.  I did learn over the years I do better when I can see a particular stitch being done in front of me, as apposed to reading the description of how to do the stitch.  My stash of yarn has consisted of what I could afford and what others have donated to my efforts.  Needless to say I have done very little work with real yarn (Wool).  I had a problem with my wrists some few years back, and thought I would have to give up Knitting and crocheting, but for me that would be like giving up breathing.  Ha! Ha!  Funning asside, I really would not like to have to quit.  I went through the surgery and have not looked back.
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Author: ejbrooks
Live online class scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 8 p.m. with the PurlQueen. All access to handouts, videos, and resources will be posted here for all Planet Purl members to enjoy....
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