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"Alpafina yarn"
Posted by: GrandmaKnits
Date Posted: 09/23/2008
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Location: United States

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I have a bag of Alpafina yarn in white. There are 10 balls in the bag. I suspect I was into knitting shawls at the time that I purchased this yarn a few years ago. I did at some point pull some out to knit a swatch. Apparently. Because two of these skeins have a few yards wrapped back around the ball.

The yarn is 50% alpaca and 50% wool. There are 183 meters per 50 gram ball. The recommended needle size is 3-3,5 or the American equivalent of sizes 2 to 4. Sock yarn.

This yarn needs a good home. It comes from a non-smoking home and has been stored lovingly. (Time for it move out and make room for yarn that I truly love.)

The bag of 10 balls is only $20 including USPS shipping. I accept PayPal. Please contact me through PlanetPurl.

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