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ONLINE CLASS: Easy Beaded Knitting

Hosted by the PurlQueen and PlanetPurl.com

Beaded Knitting Technique #1 - Carrying beads on the working yarn

Here are the easy beaded knitting steps used when carrying beads on your strand of working yarn.

Supplies Needed:

Yarn, knitting needles, beads, beading needle, beading hook or very small steel crochet hook

Thread yarn through beading needle.

String beads onto yarn.

Threaded beads.

Knit to the stitch to be beaded.

Bring yarn between the needles and to the front as if to purl.

Push bead up to the right hand needle and hold the yarn and bead in the front.

Slip the next stitch purlwise.

Knit the next stitch tightly.

Beads are oriented side to side.

Beads sit on the wrap around the slipped stitch.

Beads are not visible on back side.

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