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ONLINE CLASS: Easy Beaded Knitting

Hosted by the PurlQueen and PlanetPurl.com

Beaded Knitting Technique #2 - Bead as you go

Here are the easy beaded knitting steps used when you add beads to your project as you go.

Supplies Needed:

Yarn, needles, beads, beading hook or very small steel crochet hook.

Knit to the stitch to be beaded.

Slip stitch to be beaded from the left needle and hold between your fingers.

Put beading hook through hole in the bead.

Use the end of the beading hook to pull the loop of the slipped stitch back through

the hole in the bead, sliding bead onto the base of the stitch.

Place the stitch back on the left needle.

Knit the stitch, ignoring the bead.

Bead is oriented up and down.

Bead is visible on both sides.

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